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Anagarika Munindra was my good friend…

The good friend is a spiritual keyword in Theravada Buddhism. The importance of a good friend, (kalayana mitta in the Pali language) is underpinned in many of the discourses of the Buddha. The kalayana mitta is likened to a loving parent who introduces the child to the world. In the same way the kalayana mitta introduces you to the spiritual world.

Like a good parent points to a flower while patiently saying ‘this is a flower’ at the right time for the child, thus the kalayana mitta compassionately points to the Noble Eightfold Path for you to learn and practice. This is the essence of vipassana, insight meditation, leading to understanding and liberation of the mind.

Anagarika Munindra (1915-2003) was my kalayana mitta. I remember him as a teacher of an immeasureable generosity. By way of his scholarly knowledge and spiritual wisdom. By way of his presence steeped in mindfulness and lovingkindness.

Like he admonished others to be ‘simple and easy’ thus he himself practiced it to perfection. Although he was a very learned person , educated in the Burmese canonical tradition, his way of teaching was just ‘simple and easy. Munindra-ji taught the core of the Buddha’s Teaching about insight and awakening in the present moment beyond all theories.

Joseph Goldstein of Insight Meditation Society, Mass. U.S.A. and I have spent years together with Munindra-ji at Bodh Gaya, and we have taught  together at retreats in Sweden and Denmark.

Joseph Goldstein & Uffe Damborg: Kerteminde Vipassana 01BE AWARE AND DON'T CLING.

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